Careers in Conservation - WWF Malaysia

Posted in Friday, July 31, 2009
by Mic Udo

Protect Mother Nature while establishing a career in conservation

People are gifted with the innate ability to care for and protect our natural resources. As sole stewards of the Earth, we have the choice to use our talents and skills so that future generations inherit a flourishing, abundant, and living planet.

WWF-Malaysia strongly encourages people from diverse backgrounds to join us in protecting our environment. At the same time, you can also establish a rewarding career in conservation.

You don’t need to be a scientist to have an exciting and rewarding career in conservation. At WWF-Malaysia, our staff come from backgrounds as diverse as Accounting, Biology, Business Management, Communications, Environmental Management, Forestry, Fisheries, Human Resources, Information Technology, Law and Photography among others. We are a truly Malaysian NGO with representatives from every state on our staff.

We also have people who joined as trainees and today lead the entire organisation. Our current Chief Executive Officer/ Executive Director, Dr Dionysius Sharma came in as a trainee in 1990 and after 16 years, is the first home-grown talent to lead WWF-Malaysia.

Tangible rewards
WWF-Malaysia offers rewarding careers in environmental conservation and invites both local and foreign talents to explore their full potential in a professional atmosphere, fuelled by passionate and dynamic people. We are looking for committed people to join us in stopping the degradation of our natural world and to build a future where we can live in harmony with nature.

Some of our staff benefits:
  • Medical and Dental schemes
  • Group Term Life, Critical Illness, Hospitalisation & Surgery Insurance
  • Recognition Service Awards
  • Special Merit Awards for high-fliers
  • Opportunities to visit project field sites
  • Academic Scholarships
Intangible yet worthwhile
Whether our staff stay with us for a couple of years or a couple of decades, working at WWF-Malaysia leaves a lasting impression on them.

In the case of Bernadette Liew at our Sabah office, "Working for WWF-Malaysia is not just a job. It’s knowing that what I’m doing now contributes to a living planet for our children. On top of that, WWF-Malaysia cares about its staff. Everyone is given the opportunity to be trained in areas that enhance our work and self-development."

Intan Zurani who joined as an executive in 1996 and is today a Senior Manager loves what she does. "There are always opportunities for career progression. What is important is to work very, very hard and to never compare myself with others as each of us is different." says a committed Intan who puts in more than 100% in her job.

Daria Mathew who coordinates WWF-Malaysia’s freshwater work has personally benefited from our emphasis on capacity building. "I had the opportunity to pursue my Master’s degree while on study leave and my additional qualification was recognised with a promotion upon my return. What’s more, WWF-Malaysia has been supportive in allowing me to work a 3-day week so that I can meet my family commitments."

Talks on Careers in Conservation
If you, your school, college, university or organisation would like WWF-Malaysia to give talks on a career in conservation, please email or contact us.